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Having Humor in Everything We Do!

During this upcoming holiday season some of us will be meeting  new people for the first time and some of us will not necessary be looking forward to meeting the people whom we already knew, but am glad that we will only be in their company once a year.

Regardless whatever situation you are in, have you ever considered that someone’s brilliant one-liner may tickle you more than your funny bone, because it may ignite a tiny spark in your heart? If this is true about you, then you are one of the few people who can truly appreciate and realize that having fun and being funny can lead you to living a very healthy and romantic life.

My mom Cajun mom Ginger, believes that humor is essential in our daily lives because it brings balance and a sense of humility to us when we come face-to-face with challenging situations or demanding people. She says, “With humor we can always look and find the lighter side of things to be positive, regardless of whatever we encounter.”

The choices we make, whether to be serious or to have a touch of humor in anything we do, speak loudly to others about our personality and who we are. How we are perceived by others is how we would be rated by them verbally or nonverbally as to our credibility, trustworthiness, and sense of responsibility.

Although the accuracy of this kind of assessment done by others on us can be questionable; however, if we think about it, we do the same thing. Perhaps not as elaborate or thorough as others might see us, but at the very least we do have an impression of others as to how they view life.

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