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The Art of Moving Forward With Our Lives

One of the toughest things in our lives is to leave past mistakes and missteps as water under the bridge. We cannot just focus on them while we are thinking about designing our future successes.

If we are to move forward in our professional or personal lives, we have to believe that events of the past were stepping stones and lessons that prepared and helped us to become who we currently are, and have positioned us to be at the right place and at the right time to embark on a new course or journey.

Considered as an angelic person by those who knew her personally, my late Ballroom Instructor mom Betty, was always there for everyone. She was always enthusiastic about life and believed that the glass was never half empty or half full. Rather, the glass always had room to be topped off with something fresh and new.

With this approach of open-mindedness coupled with the strong attitude of anything is possible, we are empowering ourselves to take chances that we might not have otherwise been willing to take. By combining positive thinking and living life with full expectancy, we are now equipped to attempt new things and situations in life.

By staying away from the mantra that everything has to be mastered or conquered, we give ourselves an opportunity to enjoy the process of being in the process, rather than self-inflicting ourselves with the pressure that everything has to be just right and perfect.

Accepting that the world and everyone living in it, including ourselves, are not perfect, we can now shift our energy and attention toward enjoying our daily journey rather than arriving at some elusive utopian destination.

As my late mom Betty, would tell me, “When we acknowledge to ourselves and take ownership of being the author of our life, then perfection and happiness is what we want it to be, rather than what we think others perceive it to be.”

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