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As a Speaker

Bestselling and award-winning author, Johnny Tan, delivers his signature leadership and keynote speeches designed to help move you and your organization into action using the power of potent leadership.

Johnny connects with you and your team on a personal level by offering helpful guidance, and teaching practical strategies using his recipes for living principles custom-tailored to enhance personal performance.

His authentic, powerful, and hilarious presentation will touch the heart and move the soul, leaving a lasting impact that will lead you and your team members to achieve unlimited success in your personal and professional lives.

As the founder of From My Mama’s Kitchen®, consultant, and a featured talk show host on Blog Talk Radio, Johnny’s message of “personal success begins at home” has inspired many to rethink how they can help others to live a life of conscious choice, and contribute to the well being of everyone around them.

For corporate groups, Johnny offers a unique approach in using the power of potent leadership. Use it to help lead, teach, coach, and counsel individuals and team members. Use it to achieve the synergy of corporate oneness that will enhance personal and professional growth. Use it to create a happy working environment. This fosters increased productivity and improved profits.

For womenʼs groups, he offers a fresh perspective that utilizes women’s natural nurturing instincts. This approach allows women to empower themselves from within to achieve personal excellence. Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, allows women to formulate a plan of action. Johnny helps women’s groups accomplish these dreams, goals, and desires with a heartfelt passion.

For all civic, faith-based groups, and non-profit organizations, he offers practical strategies that personalizes organizational missions and infuses collaborative enthusiasm. Besides championing your cause, mission, and ministry or program theme, he also offers a way to facilitate the establishment of a powerful shared vision.

For collegiate and youth groups, Johnny brings a new level of energy that leads young people’s minds to think creatively. By challenging their natural inquiring minds, youth groups want to know how to achieve a higher level of personal excellence. We can expand their “Future – A Vision of Opportunities with A World of Possibilities.”

Johnny enjoys sharing From My Mama’s Kitchen® 30 timeless recipes for living, ranging from the power of relationships to the nature of love and the meaning of life, with book clubs and private groups as well.

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